Nina Feldman Connections (NFC), the San Francisco Bay Area’s business-to-business matchmaker since 1981, has built a loyal clientele by helping busy professionals find the help they need from its database of over 150 virtual consultants. We also work regularly with non-profits and individuals. Never a fee to you! On-site or virtual support; weekend and evening help available. In recent years, we’ve become the most trusted bookkeeper referral service in the Bay Area.

NFC has been a trusted name in helping businesses and professionals for more than 20 years. NFC has built a network of trusted experts in virtually every area of business support services to provide you with the right consulting service provider to complete your task. Your computer, office, document, marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, real estate, transcribing, accounting, bookkeeping, and training needs will be answered by someone you choose from among our group of skilled, self-employed virtual assistants.

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NFC’s Virtual Assistant History

Nina started a word processing and office support business in 1981, long before the word “virtual assistant” was coined. Soon clients began to ask her where to find other types of computer and office support services, and being an inveterate networker and matchmaker, she developed a network of peers to whom she could send them, called Nina Feldman Connections (NFC). Nina has built a loyal business clientele by helping busy professionals find the right outsourcing help they need from our trusted network of over 150 skilled virtual experts.

NFC started in the San Francisco Bay Area but now connects clients with virtual assistants across the country for every imaginable skill including:

  • Administrative and Office Services
  • Computer and Network Support
  • Desktop Publishing and Document Support
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Graphic Design and Publishing
  • Computer Software Training
  • Computer Software Expertise
  • Audio & Video Tape Transcription
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Real Estate PREVA Services
  • Professional Office Management

Busy professionals, business owners and office managers frequently call when they get in a pinch and can’t meet a deadline. Nina can almost always find someone reliable to finish a job on time. Do you need someone who uses Quicken on a Mac? A transcriptionist who can transcribe a digital videotape and send it as a digital file overnight? A tax preparer willing to deal with envelopes full of tiny receipts? A seasoned user to talk you through how to use a piece of software you’re not totally familiar with? A patient MS Access or Filemaker expert to clean up a tangled database for you?

When you contact NFC about what you need, Nina will have one or more appropriate candidates call you so you can decide whether you’d like to work with them. While you’re connecting–and later on if necessary–Nina will help expedite the transaction in whatever way she can to help ensure your job is done to your satisfaction.

NOTE: Network members work and bill independently from NFC. NFC is not responsible for agreements between clients and network members regarding contracts, payments, employment status (e.g. independent contractor v. employee), or scope of services. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the service provider has the appropriate skills and meets all the requirements to complete any assigned tasks. The client agrees to resolve any questions solely with the service provider.

What People Say

“NFC is incredible! The people you’ve referred me to are such treasures!” Bob Leste, Commercial Realtor

“Nina knows everybody worth their salt in all areas of computer and office expertise. You tell her what you want, where you are, what your budget is, and she hand-picks people for you to choose from.” Deborah Ivens, Visiting Nurses Association

“NFC has a very diverse and broad range of computer and design people to plug us into.” Dave Newlin, The Leadership Project

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Professional Association Affiliations

  • Association of Business Support Services (ABSSI) – Member of the Year 2001
  • Awarded for Exceptional Service to Her Peers, Her Association, and Her Industry.
  • Publicity Coordinator; Professional Association of Secretarial and Desktop Publishing Services (PASS)
  • Moderator, Association of Business Support Services International (ABSSI) forum, Yahoogroups
  • Task Force, Industry Production Standards manual (IPS) for the word processing and desktop publishing industry.

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