How to create a good password and remember it

Everyone recommends not only creating a strong Internet password but using a different password for each site. How to remember all of these passwords?!

One way is to use a “generic” password based on a phrase that you can remember. Many sites ask that your password have eight letters and include at least one numeral, one capital letter, and one special character. So if you chose the phrase, “For he’s a jolly good fellow,” using the letter “4” to replace “for,” you could use 4Hajgf to represent your phrase. If your birthday is January 28th, you could add that to make 4Hajgfj#28.

To use a special password for each site, you could add a few letters before or after your standard phrase to remind you which site it belongs to. For instance, to pick a special password for United Airlines, you might want to use 4Hajgf#j28ua; for Amazon, you could use 4Hajgfj#28amz, etc.

Good luck and safe surfing!

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