Press 9 to be removed from spam calls

When you get one of those junk calls (recorded robo-calls), try pressing “9.” It appears that in most cases the call will be dropped and your phone number will be on the company’s “do not call” list.

I have been using this method for some time and it seems to work. I got the idea because some spam calls have a message that says, “To be removed from our list press 9.” I now press “9” before there’s time to get to that point in the call, and I virtually always get a hang-up click or a recorded “Thank you.” I don’t get either of these if I press any other number, which suggests to me that pressing “9” activates a response.

Recently I saw this corroborated on an app called Tip and Tricks for Real Life for the iPhone by Taptoid, which says that 95% of companies support the “do not call” feature if you press “9.”


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