The magic of Twitter

Do you ever despair that the things you tweet on behalf of yourself or your clients never get read by anyone influential? Well, last week I had a long public Twitter conversation with Whoopi Goldberg about what she said on The View regarding Jennifer Livingston, the news anchor who was insulted about her weight. Whoopi said the bully should have been more polite in the way he worded his e-mail. She implied that he should have instead offered, in a friendly way, to give her some health tips.

And now she’s following me on Twitter! She has over 267,000 followers, but only follows 345 people–and I’m one of them!

The rest of our interaction is off-topic, but here it is if you’d like to read it. (You can also see it if you go to Twitter and enter @whoopigoldberg @ninafeldman.)

Sadly, in our conversation below she doesn’t ever really appear to get my point, but it was nonetheless a thrill to converse with her. I had no idea she’d even read my comment, much less reply.
Nina: Disappointed in your excuses 4 #JenniferLivingston bully. Offer “help”? She runs marathons–probably healthier than he is!

Whoopi: what are u talking about? Clearly we would NOT be talking about it if he had chosen his words wisely. Where is the issue?

Nina: The issue: she doesn’t even need “nice” advice. She’s healthy and strong enough to run marathons. What “help” does she need?

Nina: (Always love yr irreverant self, by the way–known u since yr Berkeley days–which is why I was disappointed.)

Whoopi: Did u c both days we talked about this on the show or just 1? Y r u disappointed cos I told him to b a better person& chances

were she would have just thrown it away,he attacked her in a personal

Nina: Yup saw both days. My pt is there is nothing wrong with her that needs any advice, nice or not. She’s fine & healthy.

Nina: I wish we lived in a world where people saw the beauty in bodies of every size & didnt try to “fix” others.

Whoopi: u missed my point, which was dude just fricken be polite it has nothing to do with HER it’s HIM.

Whoopi: everyone feels the need to tell someone on tv that they r too light, fat, left ,right, or disappointed in them,most are polite

Nina: U missed my pt which is there’s no polite way 4 him 2 say “change yr body.” 2 say so at all is rude & condescending.

Nina: That’s why I trust u 2 tell ’em 2 put it whr the sun don’t shine & remind ’em there’s no polite way 2 belittle appearance.

Whoopi: yea well sadly we don’t we live in a world where all think their opinions matter.That’s the world we live in

Nina: Thx for 2day’s conversation re #JenniferLivingston. Found this site online u might enjoy–fascinating!

Nina: Here’s a fun book to get & read on yr iPhone for $1.99: HAES, The Truth About Your Weight

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