What’s the Point of “Social Media Engagement”?

You’ve probably been hearing the term “social media engagement” a lot lately. You’re told that it’s no longer enough to have a web presence; you also need to “join the conversation” in order for anyone to give your service or product a second look. Clients do business with people they like, who share their values. Social media is not just for kids; it’s a way to connect with those who may have heard about you but haven’t started working with you or whom you’d like to continue to work with and/or to refer others.

Here’s today’s guest blog about how to engage during the holidays from Leslie Rivera, one of the excellent virtual assistant members of Nina Feldman Connections.

Social Media Engagement During the Holiday Season

happy holidays

by Leslie S. Rivera, M.A., Owner, The Artful Assistant

This time of year can be magical, festive, and full of good cheer! Why not do something different on your social platforms and get into the spirit of the holidays? With holiday music filling the airwaves, lights dressing up windows, and freshly baked aromas circulating homes, it’s hardly business as usual. So get creative and have fun delighting your fans and followers on social media.

Here are a few ways to increase your engagement:

1. Giveaways: Follow ancient traditions courtesy of Hanukah, 12 Days of Christmas, and Oprah’s Favorite Things. Encourage fans to check in by giving presents away. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but people do love gifts.

2. Contests: Get your employees involved and ask them to come up with an entertaining, holiday contest. Maybe it involves leaving clues on your website and then directly people to submit answers on your Facebook page.

3. Request Stories: What are some inspiring stories that you’d like to hear from your followers? Ask them to share their stories about random acts of giving, remarkable holiday stories, or favorite family traditions. Bonus points for pictures.

4. Matching: Support a charity and announce that you’ll match fan donations during a set time period. You can always track donations by providing a unique code for their input. You’re not only spreading awareness around a good cause, but also letting your community know how you contribute.

5. Silent Auction: Host a virtual silent auction on your social profile page. Thank respective parties for their auctioned gifts and donate the proceeds to your local food bank. Followers will be happy to support a great cause as well as cross things off their gift-giving list. Everybody wins!

What are some ways that you’ve increased your engagement during the holidays? Do your fans tend to be more or less active this time of year? Who does something really cool each year that you don’t want to miss?

Wishing you and your family good tidings and warm merriment! Amidst the seasonal chaos, may you find peace, serenity, and blessings.

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