Looking for a recommendation to a qualified Virtual Assistant or accounting professional?

Call for a free consultation – Nina will personally take the time to answer all your questions!t 510-655-4296

Let us connect you with an independent bookkeeping, accounting, web design, Internet marketing, business service, computer support, or technical professional.
Never a fee to you!

There’s a complete list of all our services here on the site, but it might be more convenient for you to call 510-655-4296 for answers and/or a free consultation.

Too much on your plate? Having trouble finding reliable support?

No need to do it all yourself. Let us help. A skilled, affordable professional can save you money by completing your bookkeeping, marketing, virtual administrative assistant or document management task in a fraction of the time it would take you. Our network has people who do it all.

Select Your “Virtual Assistant.”

NFC is a close-knit, experienced, reliable network of office and technical support businesses. Nina personally helps you find the right service provider for your needs at no charge. (The service providers charge you their regular rates and pay a finder’s fee.)

Each of the business support technicians and office assistant professionals has the skills and tools to get started right away and continue to be at your service whenever you need them. You can request a freelance virtual assistant or a tech support provider for a few hours, a week, or as long as you like. You’ll work directly with your assistant – there are no third-party services or overhead costs. Visit our services pages to view the types of help we can offer you.

Your Time is Valuable!

Don’t spend it reading online computer support forums or reinventing the wheel when we can do the job for you right now. Our free virtual assistant referral service can save you time and money. You’ll avoid unnecessary advertising costs, slow response time, and time lost interviewing and screening unqualified candidates. Your office service needs will be provided by someone you choose from NFC’s group of skilled providers.

Free Referrals Since 1981!

Over 20,000 satisfied customers have benefited from our free referral services since 1981.

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