Using a site designed in WordPress helps you get found

I was speaking to one of the web designers in my network who has become a WordPress expert. She congratulated me on having my website made over into a WordPress site and recommends that all her clients do so. WordPress is now commonly used for static sites not just blogs—in fact, you don’t even have to have an actual blog on your WordPress site (although you may still find many people referring to any WordPress site as a “blog”)

Having a WordPress site can save you money because you can make edits and additions yourself without having to have a web professional do it for you. An added plus is that, when you update more frequently, your site tends to appear much higher in search engines such as Google. Also, WordPress comes with several built-in search optimization (SEO) tools as well as a number of third-party plug-ins which can be used for SEO. Apparently there are now 25 million WordPress sites on the web, and the number is growing every day!

For an interesting article about this, see More Benefits of Using a WordPress Site.

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